Website design

I have been building websites since 1998 for a variety of clients in multiple industries. From e-commerce to flash animation, database-driven sites to content management, InterDesign has the capabilities and experience to design, build, and launch a professional website for you or your company.

Custom packaging design

I design and produce custom packaging solutions for every use. Our customers include food manufacturers (both in ready-to-eat and powder forms), car accessories manufacturers, pet products manufacturers, entertainment companies, and retailers of electronics accessories. Each package is tailored to fit a different market.

Brochures and catalogs

I design and produce colorful brochures and catalogs to serve product manufacturers, service-oriented companies, and real estate companies who require such collateral for each of their properties. From comprehensive photography, copywriting, and layout design to professional printing, your brochures will create a lasting impression.

Advertising campaigns

Working with a variety of markets, InterDesign has been producing single ads of any size and full advertising campaigns. We advertise products, services, announcements, and new and existing real estate properties in multiple languages, both in print and online.

Tradeshow booths design

From large, colorful trade show murals to smaller floor and tabletop displays, as well as trade show banners and posters, we specialize in designing and producing full trade show booth packages for any industry. Our work has been featured in major nationwide shows such as Comdex®, E3 Electronic Expo®, Natural Food Expo, and others.

Interactive presentations

Interactive CDs and PowerPoint presentations are excellent tools for delivering animated presentations. They provide a dynamic and engaging way to showcase a new product, real estate property, or hotel while maintaining consistent branding and conveying the company's message through an interactive experience.

Professional photography

I offer comprehensive photography services for products and locations. I utilize high-resolution digital cameras to capture photos that are both web-ready and print-ready. Photographing a property requires a different approach compared to photographing an aquarium. With my knowledge and experience, I can create a customized lighting package that will bring your products to life.

Illustration services

Transform architectural plans into large, colorful, mounted site maps that can attract new tenants when displayed on the front of your building. Convert product pictures into assembly or functionality illustrations that can be placed on the side of the box or in a user guide. Illustrations are an excellent and clear way to explain the functions of your product or provide detailed floor maps of their apartments to your new tenants.


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